My mother said …

My mother said it was because I entered the temple when I had my periods. My grandfather said it was because I tried to meet the Dalai Lama even though I was a Hindu. I didn’t think of this earlier, but a more palatable mystical explanation to my broken leg could be because I lied about having broken my leg for my husband. Sometimes I wonder if it is because I don’t wear my thali. Too much looseness that God has to settle scores with me for. Do we need such a vengeful God? Don’t our Gods seem a bit like us?..petty and corrupt. Either listen to me or get punished. No conversations, no experiments, no discussions..I am not capable of that..or may be you aren’t..

Discipline is for ‘Between this and that’

When learning something new…there’s initial enthusiasm in the beginning and effortless habit later to carry you through. It’s these in-between stages, when you are almost sure you have learnt it, but know you haven’t learnt enough or well, that are troublesome. You feel lethargic, because the initial enthusiasm has worn you off…and the effortless habit is too far away. It’s at these times we need to use the idea of ‘discipline’ and ‘persistence’. A kind of faith that if you enjoy the journey and work hard without a goal, you will one fine day, without your knowing and hoping, transition into doing the new thing effortlessly, as a habit. It’s that part, in the middle of the lap, right in the middle that you need to be wary about.

Penchant for astrology = looking for hope

I am very excited about the astrology column whenever I see it, my gut wants to know what is going to happen today. Not that they are ever true, not that I remember it enough to find co-relations, not even that I follow their warnings. But I still read them ardently. Mostly I think I look for hope, miracles and nice predictions. Instead, why should not just wake up in the morning every day and tell myself, it is going to be an awesome day today?